Kitchen Wars


Marital warfare often manifests in the kitchen. Take the dishwasher for instance. Who fills it and how, who empties it and when…can all become the battleground fodder highlighting the larger unresolved relational issues. The refrain, “I always have to empty … Continue reading

Are You a Road Rager?


Does your blood pressure increase when you drive in congested traffic? Has this feeling ever boiled over? Specifically, have you ever honked, gestured, sworn, tailgated……or worse? Ever felt badly afterwards that you “lost it” back there? Ask yourself, what is at the heart … Continue reading

Marital vs. Martial

Marital vs Martial

I find it interesting that the difference between the words “marital” and “martial” is merely the placement of an “I”.  Isn’t it the case that how we insert ourselves in our relationships can become the difference between working together (marital meaning relating … Continue reading

Cloak and Dagger

Cloak & Dagger

I would venture to say that most marriages operate by the “cloak and dagger” method.  What I mean by this is that one’s honest feelings, thoughts, motivations are more often than not “cloaked’ from the partner.  There can be many justifications assigned to this … Continue reading