Life is a journey of inner self-discovery; therapy can be your road map for this journey and a beacon into the unexamined life. From there, growth and awareness are possible. Self-examination and right actions can bring an end to anxiety, depression and conflict. Behaviors that emerge out of new awarenesses have the potential to change your life.



Being in an intimate relationship is the hardest challenge of all. Through an exploration of yourself in this context, real awareness and change become possible. Couples work may include individual and/or group sessions.


Weekly therapy groups provide an enlarged mirror for self-reflection. While it can be challenging to give and receive feedback from others, committing to this in a group setting becomes a valuable catalyst for change. Groups are a microcosm of one’s interactions in the world and offer a way to study and explore those interactions in a safe environment.

Groups are appropriate as a complement to individual sessions and can support couples work.


We are relational beings by nature. By observing your habits, reactions and impulses in the context of others, you can develop the awarenesses that lead to change. Without this awareness, there is a tendency to recreate the past.